Trent Duffy

Your next software development employee

Co-Founder/Head of Product
at Wizio

I work with the full stack, from styling the front end with sass, using Angular.js as a front end framework, to Node.js on the backend powering I lead our sprints, as well as manage our design team.

Site Reliablity Engineering
at Intuit

Created a web tool in React for SRE’s to see versions of all 1500 JVMS without having to manually ssh and run a script. Used Ansible, Python, to maintain and create tools to better manage our bare metal servers.

Web Developer
at Sennheiser

I've worked at Sennheiser for two and half years, starting as an intern. Currently, I am working as an independent contractor, in charge of the Pricespider (improved shopping experience to entire consumers to buy from partners) rollout to more than 200 products. Click on the photo to see a page I've built.

at Enviro Floorcare

As a lead member of the marketing team, I set up and constructed a fully responsive website using Bootstrap, created Google Adwords campaign, as well as running social media. Click here for the webpage.

at Northeastern University

I am a junior pursuing a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Entrepreneurship (2015-2020).